This is a monthly post where we go over everything which has happened to Minevictus and our long-term goals. We love to be transparent to the people who made us who we are, the community.


It's true that we don't like to sit on our butts and do nothing all day. Here at Minevictus we get !@#$% done. We've pushed out the following this month:

1. Shop system
2. Towns system
3. Green world
4. Island event
5. Captain rank

Shops and towns

We've been trying to push out awesome updates on a regular basis to make sure our players don't get bored. It's still one of our main (and biggest) goals to not intervene with the vanilla feel of Minecraft. All of our updates are with the community in mind.

The prime example for this would be the shopping system. It allows players of Minevictus to interact with each other by creating their own economy. We have a lot of players which start their own mall or just open their own for a quick buck.

We're working on an in-depth guide on how to use the shopping system which we have put up as we speak. However for now,  check Discord. Please refer to the pinned section of the #support channel. It will be there, waiting for you!

Towns is an extension the community since it allows everyone to collaborate and create amazing towns together. In the future those which actively reach out to newer members get the incentive to receive rewards by doing so. If you'd like more information about towns, I'd like to ask you to type /town in-game.

Note that there will be many changes coming to the towns in the (very) near future.

Newest world

It's good that we're trying to release updates for the community to enjoy with as main point creating a good atmosphere. However, due to the influx of players we've been having a hard time keeping up with the demand and had to open up a new world.

You may be asking yourself how it works... it's quite complicated. If you haven't noticed that the newly released green world is on a separate server then we've done our job correctly in making sure that it is as seamless as possible.

With the amazing work of the team member called whats_this, we've been able to take everything a bit more serious in how we do things. The yellow and green "world" are both hosted on separate servers. However, everything is synchronized.

That's easy? Right... No. It's not, here is the list of features we're synchronizing: votes, chesters, inventories, enderchests, pets, glow, particles, chats, pinata parties, permissions, tab lists, shops/towns, pvp toggle, keep inventory toggle, cosmetics, homes, teleportation, marriages, claimblocks, analytics and many more I forgot.

It paid off since the server is now divided 50/50 between both servers, meaning that load on each is astronomically lower and that everyone can enjoy their game.

Captain rank

It might not come as a surprise, but Minevictus is reliant on donations. The many feature and performance improvements we do to make sure that you can play the newest update as smooth as possible doesn't come cheap, and we need your support for that.

We've been working very hard on creating (our best yet) rank which is focused around giving players the tools to be able to take their builds to the next step.

If you're interested, please click here to get more information.

Future plans and transparency

We're glad that it's going towards the right direction, the newest update and summer was the perfect pair for us to get so much traction. However, since school has started it's safe to say that there will be a decline in players during work/school days.

The team has been saving up funds for advertisements during November.

However, we wont be sitting on our butts. The next thing on our list is creating an awesome arena where players can fight each other which will come very, very soon.

It's doesn't come in as a shocker that we've been having some issues with inventory synchronization. This is something we wouldn't want, but it is also something which is expected with a mechanic of this size. We don't mind it.

We don't mind it since we're expecting a big uptrend in November followed with Christmas and the release of 1.15. These months are our trial phase, we don't want anything to go wrong once we reach these dates. It's crucial that we discover all bugs.

The way we handled inventories seemed to be inefficient, therefore whats_this has been working on a partial rewrite on how we do this. Until then we got to sit it out.


We're going towards the right direction in keeping our mission. There will be a decline in players. This gives us the chance to crush all bugs until November.

"Giving players the old Minecraft nostalgia which they used to have,,

Other than crushing bugs we're working on creating a fighting arena for the players to fight in and focus around having more (regular) events for everyone.

Thanks for sticking with us.