You've stranded on a deserted island in the Bahama's with your luxurious yacht, it broke down. It's up to you to survive until you get help. It's odd because when you enter the water you get damaged instantly, maybe the water you're surrounded with is contaminated.

It's up to you on how to play this, however, it is really challenging. That is how Minecraft is supposed to be played. We have integrated the shopping system which we use on survival in this game in order to kick-start the economy of the islands.

Participation rewards

Minevictus thinks that everyone who participates is a winner; whoever makes an island gets a Discord role and a custom in-game item doing the same.

However, for those who are competitive and don't like to lose are able to win a variety of ranks including the unreleased Captain rank which we've been working on.

  1. Captain rank
  2. Pirate rank
  3. Explorer rank

Guidelines and help

It might be a bit difficult to start up, we've got you covered.

1. Type /island in-game to start your survival adventure.
2. If you want to know the commands, type /help in-game.
3. The event ends at the 26th of September at 19:00 UTC.

Note that we don't allow (alternate) accounts or cheating in any way. This means that going to someones island and giving them an abundance of items whilst resetting your island afterwards to cheat the system is not allowed.